Travellers return

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INTREPID DUO: Once in a lifetime trip.

TWO Malaga men, Antonio Cabrera and David Pozo, who were trying to drive all the way to Seoul in a 1993 Volkswagen Vento, saw their trip cut short when the Chinese authorities refused to let them into the country.

With 4,000 kilometres to go, they reached the border between Kazakhstan and China to be told they were missing the most important piece of paper. 

Disappointed, the two men returned to Osh, the closest village, to try to arrange a flight home, but were  told they couldn’t leave the country by air having driven in their own vehicle.


Eventually, with the help of a translator and notary, they gave the car to one of the receptionists at the hotel who had been particularly helpful. 

Seven days earlier than expected, having driven almost 10,500 kilometres, they were surprised how little trouble they had had with the car, not even a puncture.   

“It was a once in a lifetime trip,” the two men said of their experience. 


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