The plight of landfill sites

EXHIBITION: The fight continues.

TORREMENDO residents have been protesting a huge landfill site blemishing and polluting their communities for so long, that they’ve now put together an exhibition documenting the struggle.

Residents have been battling the landfill site, blatantly planted just next to their homes, for a quarter of a century.

Sebastian Andreu has been in charge of collecting the numerous photos and newspaper cuttings documenting their fight, which is now on show at the social centre.


The exhibition comes amid heavy political and ecological discussions on how best to tackle the Vega Baja’s rubbish crises. 

None of the 27 municipalities of the Vega Baja have land to accommodate a waste transport station, and as a result the council will now take over the reins and look for a suitable area to enable this necessary installation. It is expected that two plants will be needed, one in the coastal area,  and another in a town in the centre of the Vega Baja.

Hosting the facility will also bring some economic benefits for the voluntary municipality, and the Waste Consortium will launch an awareness campaign to assure residents that there will be no discomfort to them, as such a site will be far away from urban centres. Residents in Torremendo may disagree about there being no discomfort.



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