Beach lifesavers get mechanical assistance

LUCAS-2: Mechanical chest compression device.

THE lifeguard team at Muro beach in Alcudia has become the first in the Balearics to receive a mechanical chest compression device.

The LUCAS-2 unit has been provided by RCP medical services in order to assist the lifeguards when performing CPR relief to patients who have suffered cardiac arrest.

RCP spokesman, Albert Gonzalez, explained that the device provides a “standardised” form of CPR with minimal interruptions, thus “increasing the chances of patient survival.”


The medic also stressed that lifeguards will have their hands free while the machine is operational, allowing them to provide further aid.

Beach security coordinator, Toni Carrio, welcomed the innovation, as he said: “We welcome any form of progress that increases safety and welfare for our residents and visitors, and especially the public rescue service.”



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