Truculent trio taken in

INJURED PARTY: Has withdrawn his statement.

NATIONAL POLICE have arrested three members of the same family in Alicante after they allegedly collaborated to attack an unnamed individual in a local bar.

 The 31-year-old victim suffered a serious stab wound to his stomach following the scuffle. Those arrested include a 17-year-old boy plus his mother and father, both 41 years of age.

According to witness reports, the trio had a heated discussion with the victim before the father and son left the establishment, returning a few minutes later and locking horns once more.


During the quarrel the teenager apparently stuck a knife into the man’s abdomen, with all three aggressors kicking him as he fell to the ground.

Once they realised the severity of his injuries the belligerent trio fled, and the victim was rushed to Alicante General Hospital, where he underwent an emergency operation.

Although the perpetrators have been identified and detained, the injured party has reputedly withdrawn his statement “due to anxiety over possible reprisals and a fear for his life.”



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