Porcuna launches padron plea

MEETING: Javier Porcuna with Euro Weekly editor Simon Firth.

A SENIOR councillor has called on Britons living in Marbella to sign up to the town’s padron, saying a successful surge in numbers could lead to millions in extra grant aid from the Spanish National Government.

At present just under 140,000 people are officially registered, but councillor Javier Porcuna,  said they must reach 150,000 to receive  additional funding from the state.

The city’s population is about 220,000, but this doubles during the summer months putting a strain on the town’s municipal services.


“There is a big population of English speakers in our area, and they need information on what happens in Marbella,” said councillor Porcuna, speaking exclusively to EWN.

“We want them to use our facilities, but if they join the register we can do more things with the extra money.”

As well as landmark projects, he said they wanted to see more investment in services such as rubbish collection and disposal.

“There are advantages to signing the register such as discounts on some services when you buy and sell a house, IVA, and road tax. There are also discounts for those with children,” said Porcuna who heads the council’s tourism industry section and its strategic projects unit.

Turning to Brexit, and the fears for the future voiced by some Britons post the June 23 vote, he said expatriates had nothing to fear from the Spanish state. “The decision was a big surprise, but the British are our neighbours, and also residents. Brussels and London may want to fight, but intelligence will win through.”

To register you can sign the padron at Marbella Town Hall.  


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