All hands on deck

© MarinasdeAND/Twitter
SUMMER TRIP: The youngsters set sail across the Almeria coastline.

A SPECIAL camp for disabled youngsters took to the high seas in a terrific summer trip that saw them set sail across the gorgeous Almeria coastline aboard the 10 metre long Talisman boat.

Groups of half a dozen at a time enjoyed long spells at the helm of the sailboat, manned by a professional crew and with volunteers on hand. The youngsters were invited to handle the boat under the captain’s watchful eye and get a feel for the waves, navigate the open waters and direct the wind sails. 

It was the 19th camp organised by the Almeriense Federation of Persons with Disabilities (FAAM) and the intrepid sailors took off from Aguadulce port as part of an adventurous therapy session designed to get the youngsters out and about. 


The boat was specially designed for the needs of the disabled, a rare occurrence making this an even rarer opportunity for the youngsters who were able to work together, learn new skills and challenge themselves physically and mentally. 



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