Train leaves tracks at Watford Junction due to torrential rain

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Derailed train

FOLLOWING the hottest day on record for one hundred years, weather in the South of England particularly took a major turn for the worse with torrential rainfall which caused flooding and general travel chaos.

One of the most frightening events came for passengers on board the 6.19am train from Milton Keynes to Euston on September 16 which left the tracks at 7am after hitting a landslip caused by the rain near the Hunton Bridge tunnel at Watford Junction.

Happily the train remained upright and even survived being hit by what is described as a ‘glancing blow’ by another train which was passing by which continued on its journey unscathed.


Reports suggest that just two people were slightly injured and furious activity took place to try to clear the train as there was an immediate delay for passengers along the route. Within hours two lines had reopened but with reduced speed limits for the trains that were allowed to run and disruption was expected for commuters for the whole of the day.


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