Holidaymakers thrown off Ibiza flight after huge argument


FOUR holidaymakers were thrown off a flight from Manchester to Ibiza for drinking heavily and rowdy behaviour. 

It has emerged a large group of people in the rear of the plane were embroiled in an argument allegedly caused by the women and their drunken antics.

After four groups of passengers requested to be moved from seats surrounding the group, the girls hurled abuse at fellow flyers and one passenger was told: “You don’t know who you are dealing with and you’ll get dealt with.”


The captain is then understood to have radioed ahead to ensure police were waiting for the group.

They were dragged off the plane arguing amongst themselves and then placed on a later flight. It is not known if they face further action.


  1. Utterly shaming and disgusting.BUT How on earth did they get ON the flight in the first place? Too much leeway is given to drunken young (and not so young) people..It’s dangerous anywhere, but more so on planes.. How dare they abuse other passengers.Authorities must stand up for the majority and have stricter rules.. even breathalizers when in doubt.. Hoe they get a stiff sentence


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