First muscatel crop

ALEJANDRA QUEREDA: Silver medallist was grape harvest ‘madrina.’

OLYMPIC silver medallist Alejandra Quereda did the honours as the first grapes from this year’s Alicante crop were officially brought in.

The local gymnast was chosen to be the guest of honour and cut the first bunch which was then blessed by Teulada’s parish priest Vicent Solera.

The ceremony was organised by the regulatory council of Protected Designation of Origin Alicante wines and attended by representatives from the industry as well as politicians and officials from the local, regional and national governments.


Teulada mayor Carlos Llinares thanked the Alicante PDO Council for choosing the town for the event, and explained that the muscatel grape was and still is an important part of Teulada-Moraira’s history.

Council vice-president Salvador Poveda Algarra urged the area’s growers, bodegas and town halls to use everything within their power to guarantee recognition for muscatel wine.  

Poveda then went on to remind restaurateurs that muscatel is not just wine given as a freebie at the end of a meal, insisting that “it is a principal wine!”


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