Film star and Marbella lover Craig Fairbrass visits the city

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Craig Fairbrass enjoying Euro Weekly News in Marbella

WITH the annual Marbella International Film Festival almost upon us, closely guarded copies of all of the films appearing in the festival which runs from September 28 to October 2 are making their way to Marbella where they will be treated as valuable property.

One well-known British actor, Craig Fairbrass, writer and star of the film London Heist which will be presented at the Teatro Goya with a red carpet premier on September 30 flew over specially to present the digital version to Director of the festival Mac Chakaveh and Euro Weekly News was invited to see this and to interview the actor.

Craig is very happy to say that he knows the type of role that he is best suited to and loves playing the hard man and gangster, a role that has brought him a regular flow of work for some 25 years. This film has also been in his mind for that length of time as he loves Marbella and has always wanted to be involved in a film set in the city which he regularly visits with his family.


Indeed he is over with them now and one of his sons Luke was a producer of the film. The story revolves around a group of armed robbers who lose the money that they stole from an armed robbery when it is taken by another gang. Craig’s character sees his father killed and sets off to Marbella to trace the money and killers of his father which sets off a murderous chain of events which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Although the six foot three tall actor is known for playing ‘hard men’, he is remarkably friendly and pleasant in real life and is very grateful for the way that things have turned out for him. He was something of a tearaway at school and was expelled from two but loved drama and a teacher suggested that he apply for the National Theatre Youth group which he did and he has never looked back.

The actor will be returning to Marbella in time to be one of the very special guests at the premier of London Heist and there will be an extended interview with Craig in EWN edition 1629 for the Costa del Sol which will be available on September 22.



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