‘No go’ areas really exist

SCHOOL SETTING: An environment for learning not fashion parading.

WE really do have to drag our heads out of the sand and begin to admit some of the realities of life. Living in denial is utterly counterproductive. 

The recent ‘advice’ given to the Chinese tourist by their airline company is a case in point. To my mind their recommendation for their passengers to avoid certain areas, particularly after dark, was a completely responsible act by an organisation that obviously had their customers’ best interests at heart.

Let’s be quite clear about this. Despite what the PC brigade would have us believe, ‘no  go’ areas do exist in UK towns and cities. The majority of these areas, where taxis refuse to visit and even the police tend to avoid, are mainly inhabited by ethnic minorities and littered with illegal aliens, drugs and dangerous criminals. Heaven help anyone who dares to admit it however. I’ve no doubt even this ol’ boy will receive the usual hate mail and accusations of racism from the rose-coloured glasses brigade. Ah well on yer own heads be it.


Loved the headmaster who turned pupils away because he considered them inappropriately dressed. My teenage daughter takes more time getting ready for school than Kate Moss spends preparing for the catwalk. Schools are for learning not fashion parading. Besides, school uniforms are a wonderfull leveller and allow the pupils to concentrate on what’s in the memory bank, not the banks of the wealthy parents that allow their offspring to Lord it over those pupils less fortunate. Good luck to him.

 Good luck also to Theresa May and her Grammar schools. To my mind the system I grew up in should never have been changed. It gave everyone an opportunity to better themselves. If you passed the 11- plus you went on to Grammar school and later a chance of University. If you failed, you had the opportunity to stay on in your existing school or, if you so desired go on to Technical College to learn a trade and subsequently enter into the tremendous cross section of apprenticeships offered up to those who qualified. Perfect.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy  
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  1. Anyone who thinks there are not any no go areas.. Are certainly without doubt mistaken. & When Police have it as no go Area.. It really is Bad. They raid a House.. it is usually with 30 plus Police & drafted in from other towns
    Unfortunately Yes it is Ethnic areas created by Do-Gooders & PC Brigade. We had 2 Streets in My Town.. used to be Beautiful decorated Boarding Houses for Holiday Makers. All gradually bought by absent Landlords & let 2-3 or 4 to room to “Asylum” & Immigrants & obviously they become drug dealing areas. That Police wiull drive down.. But you wont see them on The Beat & We have it Mild compared to the Midland Cities & London… The true Londoner from East End have all moved out to Essex & North Kent. Is it any wonder 55% in London are now Non Born UK..& Another Lie by Tony Blair who said only 30,00) Polish will come & 2 million London & 3 Million around UK : But at least the Polish are keen to work & do !!! & They are not causing the No Go Areas..
    So Finally Lee anyone who says no such thing a No Go Areas.. I suggest they should be made to eat their words & be made to walk down through these areas..Australia with their strict rules are now suffering Roits in Sydney & no doubt other Cities..

  2. I fully realize that the author of yet another load of old rubbish is once again suggesting that the inner city problems in the UK are the fault of his favourite enemies. Immigrants, drug dealers, addicts and the poor. Wel the reality is of course that there have always been no-go areas in all countries of the world. I also can state that back in the sixties, there certainly were no-go areas in London. Especially at night. The problem was not immigrants. It was white very British skinheads and soccer fans. Government induced poverty will always create ghettos of desperate people. As a reminder to the rest of us just who is in charge. Read Howard Zinn “The people’s history of the United States” , Mr Pulleyblank and then please stick a cork in it.

  3. Spot on Jonathan! What some would call ‘the dregs of humanity’, that Leapy seems to have only just discovered, have ALWAYS been among us. They’ve been around since stone-age times and will probably still be around until the sun swallows up the inner planets, burns the Earth to a cinder, and humanity ceases to exist!

  4. You sure are wrong.. I thought Soccer fans caused trouble going to away matches or at home with rival Fans.. All coming from Various Parts of Country or various parts of the Town or surrounding area to Football matches. Have never heard of any Football Clubs Fans living in One small no go Area.. So how could they cause a No Go Area ??? Same with Skinheads it was a Uniform & they did not all live in One Area.. So wrong again Johnathon.. Impossible for types you state to cause a No Go Area !!!!!!!!!!
    As to London in 60’s I work in all areas & rest of UK & never came across Trouble.. & My Favourite part was East End of London. Now a Non UK Born area.. Because they have all had to move to Essex : Hence the arrival of the “” Essex Girl “” Your have right to your views on Leapy’s Comments. (Which I agree 100%) But your Logic & statements are impossible

  5. Teddy Boy – I grew up in London in the 60s and I can assure you that there were groups of skinheads who made it very difficult for people to enter certain areas that they all lived in. There was the Devonshire Road boys in Chiswick, the Hendon Mafia and other gangs of local skinheads in places like Ealing (they used to warn us if there was to be a gang fight), Acton and Shepherds Bush.

    It was unusual to see a skinhead who wasn’t white!

    I can’t be so pedantic about football gangs but suspect that they only used to attack other supporters.

    Weren’t there also teddy boys with razors in Glasgow in the fifties as well as mods and rockers making Brighton a difficult place to enjoy in the early 70s?.

    None of those were the sort of immigrants that you refer to.

  6. Hi John
    Company I started travelling the country for at age 17 yrs. Had their Office backing onto Hendon Aerodrome ( now Houses ) & I saw them Filiming Dirty Dozen at Hendon Guard House..
    So I also Lodged many times in Colindale, Hendon.. Never came across any of Skinheads you are talking about.. & Yes I was in Glasgow time of TeddyBoys as working on Grangemouth Refinery. There is not an area in UK I have not worked. & Yes I was TeddyBoy & met some great mates in many Towns. Southampton being Best.. Never got into any trouble & ofcourse they were all white we never had the Immigrant/ Asylum seekers in 60’s. Except for Jamacians who come here & worked. 90% On Buses or Underground.n& Great many Boarding Houses had No Irish, No Dogs, No Blacks then..BUT YOU & OTHERS Have got it wrong these are not types who have been around since Year Dot..We know there has always been trouble makers.. BUT They fought amongst themselves..
    No Go Areas we mean now with mainly immigrants are Areas normal people cannot pass through safely.. Or Police walk through.The 2 Streets in My Town you would be lucky to make it to other ends & Police wont walk it.. THAT IS NO GO AREA & far worse in London & Midland Cities.. Exactly as Leapy states..!!! NOT Skinheads, TeddyBoys, Mods Rockers. Football Fans . they never caused No Go Areas !!! Your comments mean you do not understand what a No Go Area Is !!!!!! Born In &My Main Base is in Seaside area. So had the Mods & Rockers… It’s Nothing Compared to Today & what Leapy means & I know

  7. Actually back then, the skinhead gangs who were into spontaneous violence against whoever they might decide offended them, could create no go areas just about anywhere by their mobility. That in fact was scarier since one had no idea when or where it could happen. A good friend of mine had his face smashed in simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did not wear the “uniform”. I remember walking to the next underground station along the road in central London on a sarurday morning to avoid a crowd of local soccer club fans, having been warned not to attempt to get through the unruly crowd, in their uniforms, milling outside the entrance as I would very likely be harassed and roughed up.
    I regret that you resort to semantic nit picking in order to boost your support for the author of yet another dreadful piece. But since you seem to proudly proclaim your affiliation to another group of white violence prone nut bars, (teddy boys), then your comments are predictable. As I previously suggested, read Howard Zinn.

  8. I’ve been censored! I referred to Leapy’s own violent and lawless past and that bit of my response was deleted. How dare Saint Leapy have the gall to print an article like this and get it published while my reply gets partly deleted?

    Leapy himself was a personal no-go area! Since my original comment has been censored it appears he still is!

  9. Well Brian
    If you state the truth then you won’t get censored
    Would not be leapy he would not read them as they come in. Obvious Someone from Paper cut it & I am not surprised
    You are stark raving mad if you are making Lee sound like the Wild Bunch
    You could not be further from the truth. If you are going to stoop to lies then expect to get censored, He makes no secret of it & if same ONE incident happened today Police would not even bother to answer the phone. I know this 100%
    So how does ONE minor incident equal a violent & lawless past.. ????????????????????????

  10. Johathan ::: You do not know what you are talking about.. 99% Teddy Boys were non violent & I speak from experience covering whole UK.. All you know is few headlines… I never saw or was involved in any violence anywhere.. At the cost of those suits last thing you could afford was to see them messed up..
    Last week as every Year Greatest gathering of TeddyBoys & TeddyGirls at Great Yarmouth. All there for RocknRoll … No Violence on or off Holiday Camp & it’s BIG.. Like all Years everyone enjoyed themselves & cannot wait for Next year & the minor Gatherings between.. Certainly not going to read another’s ramblings especially if you approve of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You & You fellow ” Lets knock Leapy” obviously believe what you read..
    & Again I state we are not talking about a football Stadium or an underground station.. THEY are places NOT Areas..
    Areas Leeapy is talking about in his column are sections of a City or Town !! Streets & Roads in one area.
    We are Lucky it is only 2 Long Roads.. That is not even an area !!!!!!!! These people are organised & take over Large areas

  11. Leapy has two basic writing standards. One is simply demented raving rubbish. The other is egotistical pontificating. This week we see elements of both.

    His massive ego makes him think he has the right to dictate from on high about whatever his latest discovery might be while we are all required to sit at his feet oohing and aahing at his amazing insight and powers of oratory – else why would his hackneyed slogan still be “Leapy Lee says it, others think it”? He believes he, and he alone, possesses the omnipresent wisdom to see everything clearly and all those who criticise him are ignorant idiots with their heads buried in the sand.

    Not so.

    Living near Glasgow in the 1950s I was well aware of its infamous no-go areas. Parts of the Gorbals and other deeply deprived sections of the city saw knife-crimes and violent assaults reported every day, with the police apparently powerless to prevent them. Now in the 21st century things have actually improved! Knife crime is down. Assaults are down. Glasgow is a flourishing, cosmopolitan city. It’s not perfect, but it’s a dam’ sight better than it was! This is the complete reverse of Leapy’s latest rant.

    Wake up Leapy! No-go areas are nothing new. Sure they exist. They’re just different from what your usual warped perspective tells you – and some of them were actually worse in the past than they are today! Find something positive to say for a change you old trouble-maker instead of all this doom and gloom you take delight in pumping out.

  12. Wasn’t Sherwood forest a no-go area for the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood’s time?
    Maybe Leapy should learn to avoid shooting “little arrows”, tee, hee. They keep getting shot back!

  13. Convicted criminals don’t get prison sentences for “minor” incidents TeddyBoy. They get them for major ones.

    Please remember Leapy was no foolish youngster at the time. Already in his thirties and a pop-singer with a hit record, he assaulted an innocent assistant bar manager together with an accomplice. Two on one! And in front of a minor who went on to have severe mental problems as a teenager and adult. The bar man was only trying to do his job and extract payment for a drink. Leapy and his accomplice refused to pay. A flick-knife appeared and the poor man was beaten up and slashed. He needed hospital treatment for his injuries. Leapy got a longer prison sentence than his accomplice presumably because of his greater involvement in the criminal assault. His accomplice later blew his brains out with a gun in an unrelated incident, but that’s another story. The truth is out there. You will have heard only Leapy’s sanitised version of course.

    Leapy actually makes light of the whole thing these days as if it were some sort of schoolboy prank, although it ruined his previously ‘promising’ pop career. No remorse. Then he has the gall to write in disapproving tones about no-go areas? There’s a word for that. Hypocrisy.

  14. Hi Brian
    Ha Ha You don’t still believe in Robin Hood ?? Be telling me next Father Xmas is real ??
    Only difference in the Robin Hood period ?? England only had a 2 million Population
    Now we get that many every year getting in to this Country only they are the Robin Hoods.. They Take Take Take & No Give except for the odd few.
    If anyone walks up our beach & claims a Political Asylum….. They get put in Hotel & are looked after thousand times better than Someone who has lived here all their Life !!!!!!!! That’s the problem & will remain so all time we have PC Brigade. I state again Leapy is correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I guess you missed the winking emoji and took me seriously TeddyBoy. Pity. I thought linking Robin Hood and Leapy with ‘little arrows’ would assure most people the joke was intentional.
    Your reply however reveals a great deal of cause for concern. Seriously.

  16. @Brian … You say Leapy writes rubbish & untrue Facts
    I know all involved & those with first hand knowledge of True Story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & Yours is a Complete work of Fiction 100% untrue except for the o

  17. Hi Brian
    Yes I relised of course you were Joking .. As I was at start with Father Xmas..
    But just thought would add the bit about population then & now in case anyone thought you were serious
    Cheers The UK TeddyBoy

  18. Brian, after reading all your rants against Leapy, it is clear to me that you hate him and all that he stands for. I have NEVER read a comment from you that is not highly insulting.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, you included, but to spout this hatred every week is getting somewhat boring.

    We ALL make mistakes in our lives, but that does not mean that it sets a pattern for the rest of our lifetime.

    You too must have had moments in your life that you are ashamed of, but have learnt from them and moved on.

    I am sure that is exactly what has happened to Leapy, so why don’t you tone back your hatred of him or stop writing comments on all his posts!

  19. Agree ROY 100% with your comment Roy. I Think Brian & Johnathon can’t wait for Leapy’s column to be put online as makes their Day & Delete repeated word of banter & sincere comment is one thing.. But before reading they know exactly what their responses are going to be. But this week their comments are even more over the Top.. & virtually slanderous Lies It is no wonder one was censored by paper,, Their is nobody knows Leapy better than me or for longer.. I have know full details of what they refer to & indeed it was minor & caused by the other party. I only used to come on to read & comment on the Column but these 2 especially got right up My Back with lies & venomous rants. They get completely away from what is written for sole purpose of slagging off the writer.. Ha Ha & Me now.. I am the villainous no go area ??? UK TeddyBoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I don’t hate Lee Graham as such, Roy. What I do hate is seeing him coming over all holier than thou every week as if he’s some kind of Oracle when he clearly isn’t. As I’ve said elsewhere the issue is that he’s every bit as much of a menace now as he was then. The only difference is he uses a computer keyboard and and an otherwise respectable hewspaper as his weapons of choice now.

    And just for the record, I haven’t committed any crimes – ever. Not even had a parking ticket believe it or not! I’ve nothing to be ashamed of. Leapy has plenty to be ashamed of. He writes something to be ashamed of nearly every week.

  21. What about the hard-working migrants who provide your take-away kebabs and pizzas, sweep away your litter and empty your bins in the UK’s inner cities? Does Leapy ever think to mention them? Of course not! They don’t fit in to his jaded, twisted, depressing view of society. He’d rather drag us all down by concentrating on the failures, the drug addicts, trouble makers and criminals because that’s what Leapy does. That’s his mission and purpose in life.

    The late Professor Tolkien created a fictional character called ‘Wormtongue’ in the Lord of the Rings. Wormtongue keeps on pouring such poisonous words into the King’s ears that he reduces him to a gibbering, useless wreck, unable to fight his enemies. That’s what Leapy is. He’s our own personal Wormtongue dragging us all down every week with his poisonous words. Our own Quisling. Our own Lord Haw-Haw. That’s what makes him as dangerous today as he’s ever been in the past.

    Wake up Leapy-Lovers! Rouse yourselves from all this useless defeatism. Breathe some fresh air and stop being paid-up members of the Wormtongue Admiration Society. Try concentrating on enjoying and celebrating the good things about humanity instead. Go on. Try it. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel!

    As Eric Idle puts it, you can “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!”

  22. Pull the other one TeddyBoy. If it was “minor and caused by the other party” how come the jury found Leapy guilty and the judge gave him a longer sentence? It was a serious assault. How come the barman, the victim of the attack, was not convicted of anything? Come off it TeddyBoy. Don’t you dare accuse me of being a liar. If anything it sounds like Leapy’s been telling you Porkies or at least a highly massaged version of the true story. If he wants to tell the truth let him publish it in his own column or in this online forum. He doesn’t need you to defend him.

    You claimed earlier to know the people involved. Since the accomplice is dead that means you only know Leapy. That means currently you only get his side of the story. There’s an old saying that there are two sides to every story. You can either believe Leapy’s or the judge and jury’s. The choice is yours.

  23. Brian, I never said you have committed crimes, but I am sure that you, just like everyone else, have done something that you were later ashamed of. We all do at some time in our lives.
    You must remember that EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, even Leapy, so why don’t you just accept it and stop getting at him.

  24. Mr.UKTB. How on earth can I know in advance what Mr. Pulleyblank is going to write in his next offering? What slanderous lie was put out by myself? I have been offended by the stuff that this man promotes for many years, but I have refrained until fairly recently from making any commentary out of respect for a member of my family. The need to withhold my feelings are no longer constrained by that fact. As Mr Peters has correctly pointed out, we are all entitled to our opinions and , with that public recognition established, I welcome the opportunity to dispute his statements as I see fit. It is my opinion that he demonstrates a view of certain groups of people that I find truly offensive. I further exercise my right to challenge those views. It is somewhat frustrating that he does not back up his claims by engaging with his critics in this forum. But given the often dreadful stuff that comes out his mouth, that is hardly surprising. His constant attacks against refugees and others is cause enough for a spirited response in their defence. Once again, please read Howard Zinn.

  25. Roy. Existence can be either beautiful or ugly. I prefer beautiful. Lee Graham prefers ugly.

    If he was still just an entertainer singing light fluffy songs to make people happy – instead of some perverse latter day Lord Haw-Haw trying to undermine all our attempts to keep our spirits up. If he wasn’t constantly running down everyone and everything non-English as in “Burkinis offend me” etc. If he wasn’t doing this in a widely circulated and otherwise respectable newspaper he would be of no interest to me whatsoever!

    His criminal record would not matter to me. I would still be shocked by the violence of course, but he would be just another statistic and you would not see any comments on him from me at all.


    He’s also got a thicker skin than a rhinoceros, so your concern for his welfare at my expense is touching but unnecessary. Why do otherwise decent people like you admire him so much and despise me? That’s just weird.

    I realise there’s no reasoning with Leapy. I won’t be able to change him for the better. Some things are just not possible. Leopards don’t change their spots, but if by some miracle  he ever does turn down the volume and stop sticking his neck out I’ll stop responding in kind. That’s a promise.

    The ball’s in his court. Not mine.

  26. Brian, so I guess in your view ‘no-go’ areas don’t exist in Britain, and we should do away with school uniforms. Also you think that the idea of grammar schools is a bad idea? Why?

    Since the Muslim invasion initiated by Tony Blair there most certainly are ‘no-go’ areas in many towns and cities in the UK. Would you walk through a Muslim controlled area complete with Sharia Law at night?

    What is wrong with the headmaster of a school making sure that pupils wear the correct uniform when attending school? I think he is quite correct. You know as well as I do what teenagers are like these days, they love to be different.

    In the old days we had a good education system with grammar schools leading the way to university. Now things have got so diversified that many of our children are just plain dumb because of the poor level of education system they receive. Ask many a child these days where Malaysia is and they haven’t got a clue.
    For these reasons I think Leapy is right in what he says.

    As I said before, everyone has a right to an opinion, even in the newspapers so let it be. I doubt very much that you are slagging off writers for the Daily Mail or Times and such if you don’t agree with their article.
    If you don’t like what Leapy writes then don’t read his column. It’s that simple!

  27. Just another swift addition to a debate which should not be happening (the native = good and foreign = bad debate, which ought to have been over with the fall of the British, French and Spanish empires): My ex-wife took me on several tours of her native Nottingham and pointed out the ‘no-go’ areas, or ‘shooting areas’. Neighbourhoods you won’t even drive through with your windows up and doors locked. WHITE BRITISH gangs were responsible for this. Having lived in the cosmopolitan south-east and in the 100% white rural English east, I had never come across a no-go area in my life in either contrasting region and was shocked. Although there are streets in Ipswich/Stowmarket I wouldn’t want to walk around in daylight (white British council estates). Now, I live in a coastal enclave of Mediterranean Spain overflowing with ethnic minorities, where every third pedestrian is Muslim, black African or Latin American. We haven’t any no-go areas here; I think nothing of walking home at 3am as a lone female & over-protective parents let their kids play on the streets after dark without qualms. I’m an ethnic minority here and don’t see local natives crossing the street to avoid me in fear.
    I’d be very afraid in some parts of the UK, though, with their rife WASP-led racism. If I answered my phone & it was the hospital/DHL/my gestor, etc, and I was heard speaking in Spanish, I might get beaten up and told to ‘go home’ the way others non-Brits do over there. Scary.

  28. Oh! I lied, albeit inadvertently. I DO know about no-go areas! I grew up in mid-Suffolk, farming and equestrian country. I went to high school in Stowmarket, a land-locked market town of about 15,000 inhabitants. The town centre after dark (ie, after 4pm in winter) was such a dangerous zone the police wouldn’t walk through it and buses took a different route. Assaults, shop windows smashed, drugs, alcohol…my parents wouldn’t let me go there in daylight and drove straight to the supermarket door to shop, then left.
    It was a no-go area because of my own classmates; white British teenagers who had never met a living relative born outside of Stowmarket. (We had two non-white kids in our 1,000-strong year group; a second-gen Indian girl in my village who wasn’t allowed off her premises after school, and a black girl who lived out of town and had a different set of friends). Even in the high school’s prospectus in the second on ethnic minorities, it says the lack of such in the catchment area was a ‘problem’ because it meant limited exposure for the kids. To this day I’ve never seen a non-British face in the county. Except my mother’s Polish neighbours, who sent her a box of chocolates and a ‘sorry’ note when she complained about their loud music, and a 50-something Italian lady working in Asda. The local Chinese and Indian restaurants are run by white Brits (it shows in the quality of the food. ie, not very authentic and a bit bland).

  29. I thought this one was over and done with but you still keep coming back for more Roy. You say, “Brian, so I guess in your view ‘no-go’ areas don’t exist in Britain”
    Wrong! They do. I said they’ve always been around. Some get better and some get worse. They just move around over time.
    “and we should do away with school uniforms.”
    Wrong! Nothing wrong with enforced clothing as long as it’s tolerated across the board – as in burkinis too! Heheh. WARNING! Contradiction Alert, Leapy!
    “Also you think that the idea of grammar schools is a bad idea?”
    Wrong! I attended a High School (grammar school equivalent in Scotland.) It didn’t do me any harm.
    Roy, you are distorting everything. You’re getting nearly as bad as Leapy himself.

    You’re putting words in my mouth that I never uttered.

    Go back and read what I’ve actually written and more importantly NOT written! Then think hard about it before you accuse anyone of saying things they never said. You see the evil effect Leapy has on his followers? Let’s keep this thread going after all. I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ll bet Leapy’s squirming.

  30. This sure is going On & On Brian & I doubt Lee is squirming.. He probably thinks as I do Here goes that Brian Eagleson off on another rant
    Sure there were No Go Areas before & you could say there were Maybe 2 or 3 in UK
    Now it is 2 or 3 in Every Major Town & I bet 99% are Ghetto’s Cause by Immigration ( What Gov. call merging with UK Citizens.). NEVER they buy lower house prices & buy more & lower prices more until they own whole Areas That become NO GO AREAS
    Ones in My Town guess we are lucky only 2 adjacent Long Streets & most rented..But another area will arise once Mosque is Built. £250,000 Houses already dropped to £150,00 & building just started .. Would hate to live in Midland & East End London. MAKE NO MISTAKE these are the Facts & will become worse.. London now only has 45% UK Born Citizens living there !!!
    As to Schools The System Infants : Juniors & 11 plus exam was ideal so went onto Grammar if wanted or Seniors.. With chance if Trade Required : Technical School Exam at 13 !!!!!! Just to many people causing Jobs for the Boys.. Incidentally My Senior School Now Fully occupied by Ethnics. So no one Local can get in if they wanted Too..BUT YOU RANT ON BRIAN Fact that you are wrong is incidental

  31. Oh hello again TeddyBoy. I was only replying to Roy to correct those wrong words he put in my mouth. I’ve got a perfect right to do that. If he hadn’t made such incorrect accusations against me I wouldn’t have written anything at all. As for you now, basically you’re just repeating yourself and digging an even bigger hole.

    I stand by everything I’ve written. It’s all true. Anything else is just supposition.

  32. “so I guess in YOUR view ‘no-go’ areas don’t exist in Britain, and we should do away with school uniforms. Also YOU think that the idea of grammar schools is a bad idea? Why?”
    Why don’t you read the comment PROPERLY Brian. I NEVER said we should do away with school uniforms or grammar schools. It was a question to you!
    I doubt very much that Leapy is squirming as you put it – he’s probably laughing his head off!!!!!

  33. Oh dear, Roy, I’m very happy to keep on replying to you, but it would be nice if you actually understood the correct meaning of my reply occasionally before you write back with such total misunderstanding.

    Of course I knew your question was directed at me – and I answered you – with complete clarity. Obviously not enough clarity though to prevent you from making a very odd and incorrect assumption.

    Now read this carefully. I have certainly NOT accused YOU of saying we should do away with school uniforms or grammar schools. Got that? The very idea is laughable. Check my quotation marks. I simply split my quote of what you had written into three parts so I could reply to your three points clearly and separately, pointing out that YOU were wrong in your assumptions about ME on all three counts.

    Now do you understand?

    Obviously you missed my subtlety (!) and got the wrong meaning entirely from what I actually wrote.

    So, next time you read any of my replies please take more care. Read, understand and take time to digest the correct meaning in full before responding.

    Now have a look at the last few comments again in the light of what I have just told you – and understand their TRUE meaning. Or better still, read the whole thread from start to finish. How much time have you got?

  34. Only just found this bit late I know but figures re ethnic population, Liddles column in the Sun yesterday,….Newham…..16% indiginous whites the rest are immigrants from wherever….and we are not being taken over?

  35. [quote]Anyone who thinks there are not any no go area
    Unfortunately Yes it is Ethnic areas created by Do-Gooders & PC Brigade. We had 2 Streets in My Town.. used to be Beautiful decorated Boarding Houses for Holiday Makers. All gradually bought by absent Landlords & let 2-3 or 4 to room to “Asylum” & Immigrants & obviously they become drug dealing areas. That Police wiull drive down.. But you wont see them on The Beat & We have it Mild compared to the Midland Cities & London… The true Londoner from East End have all moved out to Essex & North Kent. Is it any wonder 55% in London are now Non Born UK..& Another Lie by Tony Blair who said only 30,00) Polish will come & 2 million London & 3 Million around UK : But at least the Polish are keen to work & do !!! & They are not causing the No Go Areas..
    So Finally Lee anyone who says no such thing a No Go Areas.. I suggest they should be made to eat their words & be made to walk down through these areas..Australia with their strict rules are now suffering Roits in Sydney & no doubt other Cities..[/quote]
    Indeed Teddy I am one of the East Londoners who left the shithole to immigrant free pastures in leafy North Essex 16 years ago. I lived in Australia for 7 years back in the days when they wouldnt let anyone with a black face in..oh my how its changed and look at the damage .The world is changing for the worse


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