British tanker in trouble off the coast of Cartagena

© Salvamento Maritimo
The Orakai.

ON September 13, the British oil tanker Orakai which was transporting a load of just under 5,000 tons of ethanol to the South of France was seen to be in trouble by the Rescue Coordination Centre in Cartagena.

It transpired that the engines were malfunctioning and trained members of the crew of 12 on board were attempting to rectify the situation but as the vessel was seen to be drifting and contained ethanol it was decided that they would need assistance and that the vessel should be taken into port for repair.

The rescue ship Clara Campoamor was sent to bring the Orakai in but experienced some difficulty in coming alongside the ship due to poor weather but eventually managed to tie up to the British vessel and towed it into the post of Cartagena in the early hours of September 14.



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