Smart use of water

NEW PIPELINE: Not a drop will be lost.

IMPROVEMENTS at Callosa d’en Sarria’s Margeve pumping station are guaranteeing the domestic and agricultural supply.

The Comunidad General de Regantes y Usuarios irrigation consortium, to which both local growers and the town hall belong, spent €60,000 on a 200-metre pipeline. This eliminates defects in the original pipeline linking the Comunidad siphon with the town’s Sacos wells, ensuring a steady supply regardless of possible problems at the Comunidad or Sacos wells.

The pipeline is a step further in safeguarding the water supply but, above all, making the most of resources during the continuing drought. 


The installation at the Sacos wells had a €400,000 upgrade earlier this year and the council is contributing to efficient water management by installing 30 meters in municipal buildings as well as parks and gardens.  

A further 500 electronic smart meters connect private users to the town hall and incorporate an alarm system that makes it easier and faster to detect leaks. 

This system will gradually increase to 3,500 meters, covering central Callosa.



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