Planning for the future

COSTA DEL SOL: Is it already overloaded?

ONE of the main problems the Costa del Sol faces in the future is overpopulation, which may affect the quality of life, a new study is revealing.

Ordered by the Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning board, the study aims to locate the areas of the coast which are in danger of becoming overloaded.

The entire coast will be studied and available areas put into one of three categories,  overloaded, mature, or with potential, and the results of the study made available to the local and provincial councils to enable sustainable planning for the future.


While zero construction will be recommended for overloaded areas, and few, carefully planned projects for mature areas, those with short, medium, or long term potential will be highlighted.

The study, entitled ‘Analysis of the Costa del Sol’s hotel and residential capacity,’ is expected to be complete by the end of the year, and will serve the authorities as a useful tool to ensure visitors and locals continue wanting to visit and live on the coast.



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