Kidnapped minor freed by Guardia Civil in Navarra

Guardia Civil officers and the van.

FOUR men driving a Bulgarian registered vehicle have been arrested by the Guardia Civil and accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old from the minor’s home in the Navarran town of Tudela.

According to a statement by the parents who immediately contacted the local police, the child was abducted by force against their will but they were able to give details of the van involved and its number plate.

As soon as the alleged crime was reported to the Guardia Civil, officers searched the area and within two hours found the van, released the minor and arrested the men involved. 


Whilst the four men have been released pending further investigation, they are charged with the crimes of kidnapping and illegal detention but it appears that the minor may have had some form of relationship with one of those detained hence the need for further investigation.


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