Guardia Civil vessels arrest two drug smugglers off the coast of Murcia

© Guardia Civil
The seized yacht.

ALTHOUGH deployed as part of the Frontex international force involved with the safety of refugees at sea, the Guardia Civil has also been alerted to events which may be of interest to the Spanish authorities.

It transpired that the European co-ordinating force became aware of a yacht at sea which they suspected might be involved in cross-border smuggling and after being spotted by an Italian aircraft of the Guardia di Finanza, Guardia Civil vessels were alerted.

The Rio Cervera and Rio Miño intercepted the yacht off of the coast of Murcia on the morning of September 11 and after boarding discovered 14,480 kilos of hashish which took up all of the space on the vessel, satellite phones and computers together with a Bulgarian and Dutch male, both of whom were arrested.



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