Coastal concerns

SEASIDE TOWNS: Are growing in popularity with people moving from inland areas.

EXPERTS are becoming increasingly worried about the future of Almeria’s coasts as population migration trends are showing more and more people leaving inland areas and heading towards the sea.

Over the last 25 years there has been a general trend across Spain for population to multiply on the coasts, with that of Almeria’s seaside areas growing by more than 60 per cent.

In fact, apart from Almeria City, most of the province’s larger urban areas are by the beach and this is becoming increasingly of note in the eastern area between Garrucha and Carboneras. 


In fact, the only areas left uninhabited are those under protection, which experts fear may have arrived too late, while there are 52 villages inland with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants.

This could put the environment and coastal ecosystems at risk due to the heavy pressure placed upon them and lead to a reduction in ecological quality, environmental groups warn.

With the national Spanish trend to flock to the beaches in the summer, the coasts could well become overloaded leading to natural ecosystems such as wetlands, dunes and forested areas disappearing altogether.



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