Butterfly Children Charity joins Marbella walking event

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WALKING is something that we take for granted but for the Butterfly Children it is a daily struggle causing extreme blisters and pain.

For the first time the Butterfly Children Charity is taking part in the Marbella 4 Days Walking event. The walk has been celebrated for five years,  has hundreds of international followers and is suitable for all ages comprising easy routes to walk at your own pace, with no competition involved. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy parts of Marbella you haven’t seen before, and share the experience with friends and family.

The event takes place from October 13-16, and participants can choose how many days they wish to participate, while live entertainment will be provided throughout the four days.


If you want to help out this great cause select the Butterfly charity when you register via www.marbella4dayswalking.com. You will be helping to fund projects such as ‘DEBRA at Home.

This means Butterfly’s team of nurses, social workers and psychologists can visit the Butterfly Children families in their own home to assist directly with problems such as infected wounds that are limiting their day to day lives.


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