Another huge drug haul discovered in Murcia

© National Police
Some of the cocaine seized.

THE National Police continue to seize huge volumes of cocaine flooding into Spain from South America and on this occasion, have managed to discover in Valencia 535 kilos being smuggled in containers from Peru.

Working with the Spanish Tax authorities for some three years, officers were first alerted to this particular group when information was received via e-mail at [email protected] which gave details of a number of individuals who had moved to Spain and were involved in drug smuggling from South America.

The first arrest as part of this investigation came in November 2013 when a Bolivian tried to fly into Madrid carrying three kilos of cocaine and this was followed by the arrest of a further three men who were carrying six kilos between them.


In all, a total of 17 kilos of cocaine were seized in this part of the investigation and it appears that those involved decided to increase the volume of drugs being imported as well switching from Madrid airport to moving the drugs via containers supposedly carrying fruit, vegetables and spices.

The authorities were aware of the names of possible companies involved in the importation of these containers and when alerted to the arrival of such, working with the tax authority, they were checked without any major success.

In July of this year however, two containers were spotted at the port of Algeciras but after being checked nothing was found although the investigators did not give up and discovered a third container said to hold spice. 

Initial inspection showed no results but after entering the container and inspecting every box, a number of bags each containing 50 kilos of cocaine were found. The container was allowed to be delivered to its final destination in Abanilla in Murcia and it was there that that the officers arrested a total of 17 people including all of the senior members of the smuggling ring.


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