No great surprises at Gibraltar National Day 2016

© HM Government of Gibraltar
The Chief Minister at Casemates.

SATURDAY September 10 saw the first Gibraltar National Day celebration following the result of the Brexit referendum and the subsequent war of words coming from the Spanish interim Foreign Minister.

The day followed much the usual pattern with thousands of people dressed in red and white attending various events around the Rock, the most important from a political point of view being the statement from the Chief Minister in Casemates Square.

There was plenty to cheer and there were plenty of things during the day for children and adults alike to do to remind the world of Gibraltar’s views and affiliations.


With a small coach load of assorted British politicians visiting Gibraltar, there could be little doubt as to the wishes of those living there and it is expected that they will report their findings back to their respective parties upon their return to the UK and Brussels.

It was without doubt a busy day for local politicians who had to make plenty of appearances around Gibraltar and at a number of receptions and cocktail parties whilst Minister Bossano had to jet off to Fiji to be one of the guest speakers at an important Commonwealth Telecommunications Conference.

A busy day finished with the usual spectacular fireworks display.


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