In the swim of things

EX ON THE BEACH STARS: Megan Clark and Sophie Whittaker.

THE boys were plastered in tattoos and the girls slathered in make-up. Words such as ‘lingerie modelling is a lot harder than people think’ were uttered. Clothes were not favoured. Grievances were aired. 

From the cheeky title to the emergence of the first ex to the Enrique Iglesias soundtrack, MTV series Ex On The Beach was surely among the more frightening studies of sexual behaviours to have been unleashed by the reality TV behemoth in recent times.

Meanwhile, ITV dating game show Take Me Out offers the simplest pleasure of all – beautiful, instant, consequence-free judgement of strangers.


This week, two of the stars of this pair of cultural anomalies could be seen gallivanting around a high-end Marbella hotel complex, as the bronzed, buffed and backcombed pair of Megan Clark and Sophie Whittaker gave the gathered paparazzi their full quota of fixed Vaseline-toothed grins and suggestive poses.

Clad in the skimpiest of swimwear, the pair clearly loved the attention, as they seemed more preoccupied with their affected behaviour than enjoying a relaxing holiday together.



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