David Cameron resigns as MP for Witney


TWO months after stepping down his post as prime minister David Cameron is resigning as MP for Witney ‘with immediate effect’.

The former Conservative leader has been out of the limelight since the Brexit referendum result and told ITV news that he had taken the summer to think about his future and decided that “it isn’t really possible to be a proper backbench MP as a former prime minister” and did not want to be a “distraction” to Theresa May’s government.

“I have thought about this long and hard over the summer and I have decided the right thing to do is to stand down as the member of parliament for Witney. There will be a byelection. I will give the Conservative candidate my full support,” he told the broadcaster. 


“I want to thank everybody here in west Oxfordshire who has been so supportive. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve this area and to serve these brilliant people. I’m going to go on living locally. I will go on supporting the local causes and charities that make this such a great place in our country. But obviously I’m going to have to start to build a life outside Westminster. I hope I’ll continue to contribute in terms of public service and of course contribute to this country that I love so much.”



  1. So not only did he turn his back on the country after making a dogs b***** of the referendum campaign he puts another two fingers up to his constituency! This I guess we all might have guessed about him as his U Turns and various daft taxes like the bedroom tax and misleading speeches would have told us all what we should expect of him as a person… and that is one of low character, I am glad he was not fighting on the front with our troops 🙂


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