Crime risk study for Pokemon Go game

RISK ASSESSMENT: Youths oblivious to surroundings.

A STUDY has been launched to record criminal and anti-social incidents, arising from the worldwide impact of the Pokemon Go game.

The Criminal Centre for the Study and Prevention of Crime at the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) of Elche, has initiated the study in collaboration with the National Union of Chiefs, and Directors of Local Police. 

It will analyse data of incidents in major cities around the country and seek to promote better awareness and safer use of this game.


According to researchers, in recent weeks the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, has altered the way young people in particular, move around major cities, encouraging the emergence of risky behaviours.

This includes using a mobile phone while driving, while crossing roads in search of the Pokemons, and caused crowds in the so-called hotspot areas for the game’s characters.



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