Plans for more power

COASTAL AUTHORITY: Murcia wants to take charge of its own coastline.

THE regional president of Murcia wants to promote regional economic activities on the coast throughout the year.

To do this, Pedro Antonio Sanchez wants to assume the powers of the Costa’s coastal department, to break the bureaucratic obstacles that slow down opportunities to boost tourism and jobs.

He wants a new Statute of Autonomy which would allow the Region to be “more agile and efficient in dealing with the coast and be able to closer meet the needs of Murcia and those who visit us.”


He expects that with this ‘sovereignty’ and the ability to have more control over plans and projects, they would be able to create 2,000 jobs and welcome around 73,000 international tourists by 2019.

The news has been welcomed by local business leaders.  However, environmentalists fear such power would be abused. Ruben Vives from Ecologists in Action said,“the Regional government wants the power for their own benefit and for those who see the coastline as a business.” 



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