Jet2 to continue with its expansion plan

© Milad A380 Wikimedia
GROWING AIRLINE: May expand its services.

THE rapidly expanding Jet2 airline continues to increase its coverage and has announced it wishes to hire 1,000 new staff, including 180 pilots, 700 cabin crew and at least 80 engineers who will be split between the company’s bases in the UK.

Although not considered by many as a major airline, it still runs 63 aircraft out of eight airports from Birmingham to Edinburgh and Belfast to Newcastle with no less than 220 destinations mainly in Europe, although it does also fly to New York.

Covering 14 destinations in Spain and the islands, the company may well be encouraged to expand its services either to new destinations here or by increasing the number of flights it operates.


With so many pilots searching for jobs, this will be a welcome bonus as many newly qualified pilots in particular are travelling to Africa and Papua New Guinea to operate small aircraft operating on bush runways in order to keep their flying hours up to date.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Steve Heapy, the service that Jet2 offers is attracting more and more customers and it has now become one of Britain’s fastest growing airlines.


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