Cleaning the castle ramparts

CLEANING WORK: Carried out by a contracted company.

ALMUÑECAR Town Council dispatched a specialised cleaning team to tackle the excessive piles of seagull droppings adorning the ramparts of the Castillo de San Miguel this week.

The most affected area was that close to the access of La Corach, which was almost buried beneath a mountain of gull-guano.

The operation was carried out under supervision of a professional archaeologist to ensure that the ancient monument did not suffer any damage, while the cleaning itself was performed by a contracted company.


Local councillor, Luis Aaragon, said: “This task follows up our efforts to remove weeds from the castle walls two weeks ago, and is being conducted by municipal workers under the watchful eye of an expert.

“It is an extremely laborious task since it must be done manually using special products in order to avoid damage.”

Ramparts, stairways, information panels and other parts of the structure should be clean and sparkling by the weekend.



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