Getting tough on builders

INCOMPLETE: Many developments were left unfinished and Torrevieja is now trying to claim back money from the builders.

TORREVIEJA is clamping down on developers who did not complete promised work.

The Department of Planning has announced the seizure of over €500,000 worth of bonds that were placed by constructors and promoters who have not carried out agreed repairs to roads, pavements and public areas, as required in the initial granting of their building licences.

The amount corresponds to 60 permits and in some cases the contracts date back to 2007, during the real estate boom. 


Councillor for Town Planning, Fanny Serrano, said that in each case a detailed assessment has been made itemising the cost of the agreed works still needing to be carried out and monies will be seized, although she did point out that many of the companies are no longer trading. 

She said with the monies retrieved the council will try and complete the necessary tasks.



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