Residents fed up with noise levels

CULTURAL PROGRAMME: Has included live music and other events.

RESIDENTS of Plaza de la Nogalera in Torremolinos have launched an official complaint to the town council for the “continuous noise” they have had to suffer this summer.

They are to request that the council relocates its cultural programme, which features an ongoing series of live music concerts and other events at the municipal football field, fairground or Palacio de Congresos.

Although the residents say the issue has “been going on for ages,” new lows have apparently been breached this year after the council ramped up their offerings by organising weekend-long events.


For their part, the council insist that music “has ended around midnight,” whereas the neighbours say that “numerous” events, including the 10th anniversary of the Andalucia tourist brand, the Funky Town Festival and Gay Pride have continued “well into the wee hours.”



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