Chechen drug runners arrested in Valencia

National Police
Just some of the haul found

A BAND of former Chechen military operatives were discovered to be using Spain as an outlet for large volumes of cocaine and marijuana according to the National Police who have closed down their operation and arrested two men whilst others are being pursued.

Those involved in the sale were said to act with military precision, renting houses in remote areas of Valencia where they could store the drugs but also be sure of having easy means of escape with garages directly connected to the properties and they kept the drugs hidden for long periods of time in order to ensure that their activities were not being monitored.

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Individuals were instructed to dress in black or white and not to give any reason for the public or authorities to take notice of them and on many occasions once the drugs had been placed in the properties, the men left the country for up to a month to allay suspicions, leaving just one person on guard.

Although there were various groups of smugglers, they all existed in cells of two with only the head of the organisation knowing how many properties there were and who was in attendance in each. So organised were they that they deliberately hid small amounts of drugs in obvious places, hoping that if they were apprehended the larger amounts would remain hidden.

When the police finally raided the property of the ringleader, after having to knock down walls, they found 313 kilos of cocaine, a great deal of marijuana, €25,000 in cash together with vehicles and communications equipment.

One of the men involved was well known in Belgium where he had been arrested on a number of occasions and other members of the gang have been identified and are being hunted on an international basis.


  1. the public need to raise awareness on where these drugs go after they are confiscated. Stop busting people then reselling it!!!!. Undercover work needed in finding the real drug dealers..


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