Rio Segura and Guardia Civil rescue more migrants from the Mediterranean

© Guardia Civil
One of the rescues.

ONCE again the Rio Segura vessel of the Guardia Civil which is on attachment to Operation Frontex in the Mediterranean was involved in the rescue of 581 people who were adrift in Italian waters on September 5.

Working with the Italian navy and coastguards, in three different encounters a total of 340 men, 118 women and 123 children were rescued.

In the first operation, they were alerted to a 10 metre inflatable apparently drifting and in danger of capsizing. All 87 people on board were transferred to the Rio Segura where they were given food and water.


In two further joint operations they were also involved in taking on board a number of similar migrants who were given warm clothes and food and water before being transferred to Italy.



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