Reptiles discovered in suitcases en route to Spain via Amsterdam

One of the rescued reptiles.

THREE Spaniards who were returning to Spain from Mexico were detained at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam by the Dutch Food Safety Authority and Customs as they tried to smuggle four suitcases full of reptiles into Holland whilst in transit to Spain.

Having inspected the suitcases it was found that they contained 259 reptiles including snakes, lizards and turtles, of which 10 were dead. 

A large number of the reptiles found are protected under CITES regulations and this includes 14 Chuckwalla lizards which are only indigenous to the Mexican island of San Esteban and the total value of the reptiles being smuggled was estimated at €80,000. 


The three men were detained for breaking the Dutch flora and fauna act as they did not have the required CITES permits as well as for animal cruelty whilst the seized reptiles were sent to animal shelters for safe keeping.



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