Now even Daesh bans the burka

© Usaid
Burkas and ID cards.

WITH all of the recent publicity concerning the banning of the burkini in parts of France which followed quite drastic rules concerning the wearing of the burka, it now appears that for security reasons, women in the Daesh controlled city of Mosul have been banned from entering certain buildings whilst wearing the burka but will instead have to wear gloves and something covering over their eyes.

Whilst they will still be expected to comply with strict dress law in the general areas of the city, the decision was apparently made following a reported attack on selected Daesh commanders by women fully covered so not only unrecognisable but able to hide weapons about their person.

It seems therefore that there must be some ‘loophole’ in the rules which cover the way in which women dress which allows this group of die-hard fanatics to simply change them to protect their leaders.





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