Latest Spanish Government news sees King Felipe meet Speaker

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King Felipe meets Ana Pastor.

KING FELIPE, having met with Ana Pastor, Speaker of Congress has decided that he will not at this stage enter into new talks with political parties to propose another candidate for prime minister, following the failed rounds of voting on August 30 and September 2 and interim prime minister Mariano Rajoy has jetted off to China to take part in the G20 meeting of heads of state.

He took the opportunity to discuss various matters with other heads of state and to generally explain what a good job he and his party had done in running the country as well as the economy of Spain and that there was a general weakness when countries give in to ‘popularism’ rather than sensible governance.

In the meantime, His Majesty has undertaken to keep in contact with the Speaker and to remind all concerned that parliament exists to implement the will of the people who had undertaken to place their votes in a democratic process.




  1. If the King believes in the democratic process so much then he should rescind the ley mordaza, which is a major infringement against freedom and democracy in this country


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