Cocaine discovered in container load of bananas from Columbia

The cocaine found in the container.

WORKING with customs enforcement officials of the Spanish Tax Agency, the National Police have confiscated 900 kilos of cocaine shipped from Columbia in a container supposedly full of bananas.

The investigation into a criminal organisation smuggling drugs into Spain from South America in containers of fruit commenced in April and showed that the alleged crooks had set up a legitimate fruit importation company in Seville. Officers identified one of the senior members of the company and the fact that he had made two recent trips to Columbia.

Two containers said to contain fruit were delivered to Spain and transported to the company’s warehouse at which time, the officers raided the facility arresting two workers and the manager of the company.


Upon inspection, one box labelled bananas in one container was found to hold 900 kilos of cocaine. Following the arrests, mobile phones and documents were seized and the investigation is ongoing.


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