Star in the making

VISUAL DESIGN: Blueprints revealed of what the athletics stadium would look like.

ESTEPONA has unveiled its grand vision to provide its citizens with an athletics stadium certified for professional competition.

The ambitious project involves construction of a 16,488m2 stadium with an international-standard running track, semi-subterranean parking for almost 1,000 vehicles, and another 3,000m2 space earmarked for ‘future cultural and sporting use.’

It will have facilities for all track and field disciplines, full-sized and football seven pitches, areas to practice other outdoor sports, a BMX circuit plus a covered stand seating 1,800 people.


The project is to cost an estimated €5 million and the council reckon they can get it finished within just 12 months, explained beaming mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano. “This complex will comprise a sporting and upmarket leisure area for sports fans from our town as well as elite athletes,” he trumpeted.

The mayor thanked Enrique Lopez Cuenca, chief of the Andalucian Athletics Federation, who has been involved with the scheme since its inception and brought his “extensive professional and sporting experience into the drafting of this project.” Cuenca, in return, expressed satisfaction at “the gamble that Estepona has taken for sport.”


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