Patio project progress

VELEZ BLANCO: The Patio of Honour is now more than just a rumour.

RECOVERY of Velez Blanco Castle’s Patio of Honour is finally more than just a rumour as the first official stage of the project has been published in the Junta de Andalucia regional government’s Official Bulletin.

The patio, the original of which is on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum, is to be rebuilt in its original location, hopefully attracting hundreds of visitors to the area and providing employment while promoting Macael marble at the same time.

The bulletin announced the tendering of a contract for a maximum price of €142,608 to draw up the work project in a period of four months.


Government delegate Gracia Fernandez explained that the Junta’s Employment, Business and Commerce Department has promised to contribute €1.13 million to the project and said: “it will be worth it as it will encourage growth of the local natural stone sector, boost the local economy and allow Macael marble to make its name on the international market.”



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