Earthquake emergency plans are not in place

EARTHQUAKE PLAN: In 2013 Torrevieja carried out an earthquake simulation to test emergency response, but is now forming an emergency plan.

NO municipality in Alicante has an emergency plan in place in case of earthquakes.

There are nearly 140 municipalities and the Valencian Agency for Safety and Emergency Response said none have approved the Municipal Action Plan.

The localities said to be at highest risk of seismic activity must have a plan in place to establish the organisation and operating procedures for all services should an earthquake strike. The obligation to make such plans was established in 2011 by decree which approved the Special Plan against Seismic Risk for Valencia. 


The Director General of the Agency for Safety and Emergency Response, Jose Maria Angel Batalla, announced in Torrevieja that a conference will now be organised during the last quarter of the year to address the drafting of the emergency plan at the local level. Torrevieja has the most seismic activity throughout the region.



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