Gata on the silver screen

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STARS: Eduard Fernandez and Elena Anaya in Lejos del Mar.

ALMERIA is already renowned for its appearances in numerous films over the years, with its desert, beaches and unique quality of light providing an unmistakable stage.

This popularity continues to endure, with Imanol Uribe’s ‘Lejos del Mar’ (English: Far From the Sea) the latest movie to be set in the region.

The film opened in national theatres on Friday, September 2, and showcases the unique coastline of the Cabo de Gata natural park, having been filmed almost exclusively in Almeria.


Its release was delayed on several occasions, having previously been earmarked for January and May.

Produced in collaboration with the Almeria Film Office, the movie features the iconic Isleta del Moro, San Jose, Cabo de Gata pueblo and Almeria City, with well-known Spanish actors Elena Anaya and Eduard Fernandez the stars.

Uribe himself was born in San Salvador but is of Basque origin, and he took the time to thank the Almeria Film Office in a personal letter in which he expressed his gratitude to the office for their “support and collaboration.”



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