First Minister reminds Scotland that it needs to control its own destiny

© First Minister of Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon

HAVING adopted a fairly low profile after her much publicised comments following the result of the Brexit referendum, Nicola Sturgeon has taken some time to consider the options available to Scotland and has now launched what is referred to as a ‘new conversation’ on Scottish Independence.

In a speech delivered in Stirling she referred directly to the results of the referendum and the fact that Scotland needs to control its own destiny which might mean a second referendum on independence, the result of which, which she admits is not  foregone conclusion.

According to the first minister, polls taken following the Brexit result have indicated that more and more Scots are now in favour of independence, but opponents say that the most recent polls contradict her statement and that she would be better off trying to balance Scotland’s books rather than think about spending more money on a second referendum.


She believes however that her party needs to understand the will of the people and is setting up a dedicated web site in which voters can give their opinion, all SNP members of the British, Scottish and European parliaments will be encouraged to hold meetings throughout the country and paid up members of the party will be sent their own special questionnaires.

By the time this campaign of listening is finished on St Andrew’s Day (November 30) she estimates that at least two million people will have had the chance to have their say.




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