Young people visit the Care Agency Waterport Terraces Day Centre for the Elderly

© HM Government of Gibraltar
Some of the young people taking part.

ADULT Social Services from the Care Agency, in collaboration with the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts (GAMPA), has created a programme to bring together the younger and older generations during a series of summer activities at the day centre. 

For the last five weeks, students have taken part in activities designed to bridge the generational gap by spending time with the day centre users and learning about the world from a different perspective. Activities included debates, virtual reality simulations of living life with dementia, and craft activities designed to give an insight into the disabilities of ageing. 

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The programme has helped the students develop a sense of empathy towards the older generation and has helped the older generation be more understanding of issues faced by youth.

At a presentation of certificates at the centre, the students performed pieces inspired by their experiences during the summer. Minister for social services, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, congratulated all the students for their hard work and gave out individual certificates. 

Minister Sacramento said: “I am truly delighted at the success of this project. These children have chosen voluntary work with the elderly over the summer when they could otherwise have been at home or at the beach. It has been as rewarding and enriching for them as it has been for the users of the Day Centre and an absolute delight to have had them here this summer. I would like to thank the Care Agency staff for designing a structured work programme and organising information to teach and motivate the students.”

Christian Santos, the GAMPA Principal, said: “I proposed this initiative to the Minister as part of our programme to give back to the community and I am grateful that these children have been given an opportunity which they have thoroughly enjoyed.”


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