Fake Police arrested by Guardia Civil

© Guardia Civil
Counting the cash seized.

THE Guardia Civil have arrested four people who were members of a gang known to have been involved in at least two counts of robbery with violence and intimidation by falsely identifying themselves as police officers in Madrid and Valencia.

The investigation began in August, following a complaint by a German citizen who claimed to have been the victim of a robbery committed by a group of people who identified themselves as police officers and stole €1,800 when he was stopped on the A4 motorway.

Officers therefore kept surveillance on the motorway and after a few days spotted two cars, one containing a single person and the other with false number plates containing three people all of whom answered the description given by the German victim.


Having traced the men to a hostel in the Madrid suburb of Getafe, all four, now known to be Pakistani and Iranian, were arrested and officers found them to be in possession of €3,160, false documentation and number plates as well as mobile phones.

They have now been accused of a second robbery which was committed in Moncada (Valencia) on a Polish citizen, using the same vehicle and method of stopping the victim.



  1. I’ve been halted twice by what sounds like this lot in Madrid on the A4. I refused to get out of the car drove off. I thought, if they’re real cops they’ll radio ahead & track me with wee-wers & disco lights, then & only then would I be happy to stop!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Simon. Coincidentally on page 77 of this weeks Euro Weekly News (1626) the Legally speaking column explains what to do if stopped by the police and how to recognise a genuine police car.


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