Naked protest in Madrid against animal cruelty

© Anima Naturalis
Protestors in Madrid.

ANIMA NATURALIS, a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation which fights for animal rights in Spain and Latin America organised a well-publicised protest in Madrid on Tuesday August 30.

Just under 30 young women stripped off their clothes and lay on the pavement at the main entrance to the Retiro Park in the city covered in fake blood to protest about a discovery in the USA that much of the so-called synthetic leather used in the manufacture of certain coats actually contains the skins of cats and dogs killed in China.

The group chose Madrid to launch their protest as this is the city in Spain which sees the largest number of fur coats sold within Spain and as the capital of the country, it was considered that the greatest publicity would be obtained from the stunt.


According to the organisation, more and more animal skin is being sold as synthetic leather and as the largest exporter in the world is China which has fairly relaxed regulations, it wants to put pressure on the Spanish government to undertake better control over the importation of such items.


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