Biggest bust of live plants for several years in Andalucia

© Guardia Civil
One of the conservatories.

ALTHOUGH it wasn’t trackers dogs but officers from the Guardia Civil who first detected a strong smell emanating from a farm in Las Cabezas de San Juan in Sevilla, when they visited the property, they discovered two conservatories containing between them no less than 20,000 marihuana plants.

It turns out that there was a regular factory on the farm as apart from cultivation, the farmers also had areas for hanging and drying the plants as well as a ‘horticultural hospital’ for caring, pruning, fumigation and feeding of the precious crop.

Three men of varying ages were arrested with one a resident of Las Cabezas de San Juan, one from Sevilla and one from Marbella. Following an appearance in court all three have been imprisoned.




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