Repellent river requires rescue


FIRM defenders of all things local, Veraplayazul residents’ association has alerted the local council to the continuing problem of insufficiently filtered waste waters pouring unhindered from Villaricos sewage treatment plant into the Rio Almanzora, and from there to the sea.

This is apparently causing more and more beachgoers to head further afield due to the odious pongs and dirty sea, plus associated health risks, and is also causing great harm to the environment.

In a statement, Veraplayazul explained that there are no fish left due to the stinking water which collects in pools at the river mouth, only to be washed into the sea when the tide comes in.


Although local beaches had to be closed to the public for weeks in the summer of 2015 due to this problem, nothing whatsoever has been done by the local councils or the Junta de Andalucia regional government to improve the treatment facility and put an end to the leakage, the association have said.



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