Mosquito alert in Malaga


EVERY so often, a plague of mosquitoes seems to attack beaches near Malaga city and the latest influx of the pesky biting insects was on the early evening of Saturday August 27 at the Playa de la Misericordia.

It appears that there were quite a large number of people on the beach, when the mosquitoes, imitating one of the 10 plagues of Egypt descended and started using the innocent sun worshippers as a picnic so within minutes the beach was deserted except for the buzzing miscreants as even the beach bars had to shut up shop.

A number of people reportedly felt feverish after the attack and had to visit health centres or hospitals for assistance and advice.


This has been an on-going problem in the area for the last four months and the council having checked likely sources for the hatching of these vicious little insects has been unable to identify where they may be as the expected breeding grounds have proven to be mainly clear.

The only piece of good news is that the insects have been identified as two species first discovered in the Caspian Sea area which have no common name but are not the feared tiger mosquito, associated with the spread of the Zika virus.



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