Mobile tests for bikes and tractors

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ADVANCED BOOKING: Now available for ITV mobile units.

THE company which runs ITV (MOT) vehicle inspections, VEIADA, has announced that owners of motorcycles and agricultural vehicles can now book appointments for mobile units in advance.

Appointments can be requested (in Spanish) by calling 959 99 99 99 or via using a similar system as that which is already in place for car owners.

After providing the registration or chassis number on the website and selecting whether it is a periodic test or not, a list will appear with the fixed stations at the top of the screen. Lower down, a list of places and dates the mobile inspection units can be found, enabling the user to select the most convenient location.


These units are only available for tests on motorcycles and agricultural vehicles, which are subject to travel restrictions and therefore cannot be taken to the usual fixed testing centres.

During 2015, the mobile units carried out a total of 72,139 inspections on this type of vehicle, although VEIASA has reported that just 20 per cent of motorcycles over three years old have been through their obligatory tests. Of these, only 40 per cent return for further tests after the first one. 

The authorities stress that such neglect puts drivers and other road users at risk and can adversely affect the environment.





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