Italian fugitive tracked down in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and arrested

© National Police
Joint patrols in Tenerife.

A JOINT operation between officers of the National Police and the Italian Polizia di Stato has arrested an Italian bank robber who fled Italy 14 years ago after being involved in an armed robbery in a bank, a tobacconist and a general store.

The arrest took place near to a flea market in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as part of an operation where various European police forces Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal are working on cross border cases.

When returned to Italy, the arrested man, who was tracked down by the Fugitive Location Group in conjunction with Italian Police who attended the arrest, can expect to be imprisoned for a maximum of five years and six months.


There are four Italian officers from Naples and Rome in southern Tenerife who are not only able to assist Italian tourists in their own language but are also able to act with the National Police in this sort of operation.



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