Striving to achieve peace and harmony

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PUBLIC PASEO: At times has not been passable.

ALTEA’S Coexistence Pact aims to regulate space used by the public and businesses but beneath the apparent tranquility, the hospitality trade is seething.

Exasperated by a recent crackdown, the Hospal association called for the resignation of Infrastructures councillor Roque Ferrer.

There’s been ill-feeling since Easter when Local Police visited restaurants, bars and cafes on Altea promenade, warning that outside tables should occupy only their authorised space.


Many had encroached on the public right-of-way, setting up tables on the other side of the cycle lane, with waiters crossing while dodging cyclists and pedestrians.

There was an outcry and further indignation when owners later found they would be charged year-round for terrace tables instead of at Easter and the high season.

Recently the town hall turned its attentions to the old town where hospitality trade was again occupying more than its allotted space. “Altea has bylaws which ensure the basic principles of a balance between public and private use, everybody has the right to get where they want to go without encountering obstacles,” the town hall explained.

To ease tension the town hall launched its ‘Civic Pact for Co-existence and Accessibility’ and a permanent working committee will now be set up.



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