Basis Peak watches are called back due to burn risk

Basis Peak.

BASIS, a company owned by Intel, has called back its smart watch model ‘Basis Peak’ due to burn risks. The company has advised users to remove the watch, stating that “When the watch gets hot it can cause discomfort, blisters or even burns to the wrist.” The charging station can also overheat and melt, the company said.

Basis told clients in June this year to stop using the product in question immediately, until a patch could be applied to the hardware to stop the overheating. It seems now that the idea of a patch to fix the problem is out of the question, with all distributed units being called back effective immediately.

On a national level, Consumers in Action (Facua), has also alerted users of the dangers of using the gadget, saying “It’s important that people stop using the smart watch and send it back.” They have provided all the necessary information and the steps to follow for sending back the item and obtaining a refund, which here in Spain is for the quantity of €214.



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