Concerns over police numbers in summer

TOURIST INFLUX: Torrevieja as popular as ever.

DURING August, the population of Torrevieja swells to over an estimated half a million people, yet there are almost the same number of police patrolling the streets as in winter. 

At certain times only three vehicles are on patrol, a situation which has been criticised by the CCOO union who denounced what they called ‘mismanagement’ of the force.

The CCOO said the situation highlighted the “disastrous management by those responsible for the police force” and called into question the quality of the service provided to citizens.


The union representative, Juan Antonio Moya, said they reported “well in advance” of the problems that would be generated especially during the summer.

Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon said he was trying to remedy the lack of officers and hoped it would be resolved in “a short space of time.” He also thanked the two officers who volunteered for extra summer service.



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